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Eduporting Ltd provides simple and innovative software to primary and secondary schools. Our software is aimed at making life easy for pupils as well as teachers. With the rise in the use of smartphones, we believe it is imperative that we engage pupils by using the technology at their fingertips.

This is why we provide apps (iOS and Android) to accompany our online software. Furthermore, our software is engineered to be simple to use and navigate but producing powerful results.





What is Eduporting?

Eduporting is a parental reporting and tracking and monitoring system. The main purpose of Eduporting is to allow schools to customise how they want to report, track and monitor their pupils. We understand that every school is different, therefore each school should have the correct system in place that allows individualised reporting and tracking and monitoring. Features can be viewed below:

  • Upload classes from any Information Management System.
  • Report as many times as you wish during the school year.
  • For each reporting session you can report on four different measurements i.e effort, homework or performance. You can define the measurements for each reporting session.
  • View an individual pupils information for their entire school life.
  • Export all data to a Spreadsheet.
  • Create a reward system for each reporting session and for every year group throughout the school year.
  • Teachers can add or remove pupils from their class list.
  • Teachers can allow access for up to two additional teachers to view and edit their reports.
  • All faculty leaders and senior management can view all reports.


What is Eduprofile?

Eduprofile allows teachers and pupils to capture evidence to support their achievement of all curricular/non-curricular areas.

Further features and information can be seen below:

  • Add evidence - (doc, docx, txt, pdf, ppt, pptx, xls, jpeg, png, gif, mp3, wav, mp4, avi, mpeg and all ipad and android video formats).
  • The currciular areas are Expressive Arts, Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and English, Mathematics and Numeracy, Modern Languages, Religious and Moral Education, Sciences, Social Studies and Technologies.
  • The non-currciular areas are School Achievement, Skills for Learning and Wider Achievement.
  • View Evidence.
  • Edit Evidence.
  • Remove Evidence.
  • Export Evidence to Word and PowerPoint.
  • Pupils can create their own curricular/non-curricular area.
  • Schools in Scotland only: All evidence can be attached to any Experience and Outcome.
Remember, you do not have to be a school in Scotland to use Eduprofile. It can be used for any curriculum. Signup for a free trial today.


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